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Registration is open for the 2020/21 season for all teacher training programs at Ohana. If you are interested in attending, please contact Lisa at 603-748-1539 to review the details about what you can expect from each program and what the requirements are.

Thank you!

This teacher training is life changing

“This teacher training is life changing. You will be immersed in the spiritual and physical practice of yoga for 10 months. I came to the last year’s training searching for a deeper connection to my purpose and life in general. I got that and so much more.
The training dives deep into the rich history and origin of yoga, The complete anatomy of the postures (asanas), guest speakers and of course, self study. Lisa is a supportive & informative teacher and is always there to guide and/or help.
I highly recommend this yoga teacher training for anyone looking to improve their quality of life and who are serious students. It will be challenging at times but the results of that hard work will be immeasurable!”

You need to do this for yourself

“So you are thinking about taking the Teacher Training Program and not quite sure you are ready to make the commitment? Well, in my opinion, what are you waiting for? Investing in this commitment is investing in yourself – even if you are not sure you want to teach – you need to do this for yourself.
Are you looking for a deeper understanding of yoga as a whole? Are you looking for a challenge to help you delve deeper into yourself on all levels – personally, physically, mentally, spiritually? This program covers different techniques and every aspect of those techniques and you can go in as deep as you like or not.
Having now taught my very 1st yoga class, the training I received and the work I put in paid off. This program gave me a greater understanding of how our bodies move through asana, how our breath effects that movement and allowing growth of confidence. So my first class had a bit of a “hiccup” and didn’t go as planned and this training gave me the strength to not panic and move forward with head held high. These qualities will carry me through everyday living!
Remember it is a journey, not a competition! You will get out what you put in, and if you are willing to do the work you will achieve so much from this program! Namaste”

Step into change, choose growth

“This training was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. It literally brings tear to my eyes the positive impact it will forever continue to have on my life, and the people I share it with. Its never too late or too early to peel away layers and let the best version of yourself shine through, that has been there all along. Step into change, choose growth. Boy is it worth it.”


Lisa has really put together a great program

“I’m a structural integrator (rolfer) and an national presenter of 20 years of anatomy and physiology w/emphasis on kinesiology and musculoskeletal pathologies. Lisa had the foresight to bring in specialists to emphasize the teachings and fill in the blanks with different perspectives. Lisa has really put together a great program, something to be proud of. Stop thinking about doing something to change your quality of life and perspective, and just do it.”


Level 1 Yoga Training– Contact Ohana Yoga

  • Begins in with a brief orientation
  • Meets once a month, the first full weekend of every month
  • Cost includes every expense (books, supplies, guest teachers, anatomy course, retreat, yoga mat, Level 1 Thai Yoga massage certification, meals & much more)
  • Payments can be made monthly or in one lump sum for a discount.
  • You are given movement, mantra, mediation, and breath work each month to practice at home (after going over extensively during the weekend).
  •  We cover supplementary topics of anatomy, lifestyle, Ayurveda, Sutras, and the 8 limbs of yoga each month.
  • Only open to 12 students, keeping this intimate and available for all students to receive coaching as needed.
  • This training is to help one establish a routine at home and learn the ins and outs of a balanced lifestyle where well being is the main focus.   Over 10 months you will have many options for rebalancing when life happens.
  • You will have many ways to experience movement methodology and experience this in your own life personally.
  • You will earn a certificate to teach at the end (if that is what you want) with over 200 hours of learning, however this is more of a transformative journey.  When people go though the hard work of this journey they usually want to spread the teachings to others.

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