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I started practicing yoga in the early to mid “90’s” with all the ego of wanting to twist and bend myself into a pretzel: to be what I thought was the perfect “yogi”. I tried Bikram yoga, Ashtanga and power yoga, anything that I could find, as I seemed to be drawn to all the intense, difficult styles. Though I enjoyed these styles of yoga at the time, I think the stress on my body was what led me to enrolling in massage school.

dads vase-1

This vase was made by Carol’s dad who was a talented woodworker. This is one of her favorite pieces that he gave her.

When I finished my massage program in 2002, I attended a Thai-Shiatsu massage workshop in Bennington, VT. I fell in love with this modality, and went on to take more of these workshops, so it became my specialty. It’s amazing to receive a Thai massage, of course, but as a practitioner it has taught me so much about my own body dynamics and alignment, my breath, body weight, allowing me to give a comforting and supportive massage, while being mindful to take care of myself as well. I receive so many benefits by giving this beautiful massage. In my ongoing studies I have had amazing teachers that have instilled in me a wonderful sense of spirituality that I infuse into my treatments, classes and my life.

I went to a talk at a local Buddhist center in ‘2006’ at the recommendation of a friend. My mom had recently passed away, and my marriage was falling apart all at the same time. I was such a mess, and just not dealing with anything very well. After the talk, I continued going to the center, and starting a sitting meditation practice, which has been a major help in my wellbeing. What a great community (sangha) as well (met my divorce lawyer there). My dharma readings and meditation practice have been my most valuable tools ever since. I can actually say that going through the process of taking care of my dad when he was under hospice care at his home was such a beautiful experience. My sisters and I took turns staying with him, and I just treasure those times with him. Great conversations with tears and laughter, I’d massage his feet, we’d listen to music. I know how much my practice helped me to recognize how content and ready my dad was, and I could have joy even though I miss him so much.

In 2013, I went on to take my yoga teacher training in Manchester, NH., and then created my special yoga class that blends gentle yoga and Thai massage with spirituality and a lot of love. I am truly grateful that I am able to share all that I have learned along the way, and I am still learning, and growing, and continuing on this path, so who knows what’s next. I know it will be cool and exciting.

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