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Ohana Motivational Cards

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Motivational Deck of Cards  An Ohana product!

I have always prided myself on staying motivated and consistent with doing specific things daily to help stay focused, driven, organized, and strong.

These include:

  • Reading inspirational texts
  • Continuously educating
  • Surrounding myself with amazing people
  • Daily Journaling
  • Meditate
  • Exercise daily
  • Start out the day with positive thoughts
  • Create my destiny through vision
  • Using a good planner
  • Using my time creatively and wisely

And the list goes on and on….

I have shown up for each of you in some way, where these activities listed above, were my staple to get through.

That is why I want to announce that I will be creating items to help YOU also do the same, with the very first OHANA MOTIVATIONAL Deck of cards!
We have many products in store for you to adequately craft your life into a manifesting, positive, life affirming creation. 

First up is a deck of cards that have sayings on them, to help your mindset first thing in the morning! They are a great compliment to your daily practice, but also just in general if you are wanting to have more of a positive outlook in life.

It would also would make a fantastic gift!

Pre-Sale is happening now! It is a deck of 54 statements that are categorized by affirmations, physical statements, and mental/emotional focus. You can pick one card a day or more! Keep them by your altar, or in the main room in your house!

These will be on pre-sale through June, with delivery in July.

I can’t wait for you to have more of Ohana in your homes!