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The Ohana Oracle Deck


A deck of 54 statements that are categorized by affirmations, physical statements, and mental/emotional focus. 54 cards is a big deck to pick blessings for each day!  I have included statements that I have used for years.  They are a great compliment to your daily practice, but also just in general if you are wanting to have more of a positive outlook in life.  Each new day brings a new beginning, with new hope for your path along the way.  You will be using these for years to come!
I pride myself on my daily practices to help stay focused, driven, organized and strong.   This is one piece of it: my mental strategy for the day.  This is an important step for me each morning to keep my positivity during the day.
As I show up each day for my family and friends, below are some of the activities that are my staple to get through life:
  • Reading inspirational texts
  • Continuously educating
  • Surrounding myself with amazing people
  • Daily Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Daily Exercise
  • Positive thoughts
  • Create my destiny through vision
  • Using a good planner
  • Using my time creatively and wisely
    The list goes on and on....
This is the first of a product line coming out as a compliment to help YOU stay motivated and aligned with your highest self. A way for you to seek deeper intuitive knowledge.
We have many products in store for you to adequately manifest and craft an affirming positive life.
  • You can pick one card a day or more! Keep them by your altar, or in the main room in your house!
  • As a parent kids could pick one a day and display it in the kitchen. I used to do this with the kids!
  • Gifts to house guests,  holidays, or birthdays
  • As a therapist,  have clients pick a card each visit.
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