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Affirmation: “I AM Abundant. I allow for all good things to come into my life. I embrace them.”

We asked Stacey back to check in with spirit about what we may need to know to finish out 2020.    They will only tell us so much because we still have a role of free will, but it is enough to get us started.    We can prepare for the unknown, without fear.     Knowing that there is a divine union between ourselves and spirit and that ultimately, they do not want anything to happen to us.   The biggest take away is that we want to focus what is good in our lives so more of that can be drawn to us.  That we are ultimately protected for our highest good.   She gave us some tips to help this process.   And ask yourself daily, “What brings you joy?”  “What is your purpose?”   Look for these answers by working on it daily to have a solid foundation built by joy and love.
Tips to prepare for the remainder of the year:
1). Apple Cider Vinegar (in a spray bottle directly on yourself)
2)  Himalayan salt baths, or spray, or a bar for the shower.  Another option is Himalayan salt lamp in the home.
3)  Burning a white candle with the intention of being bathed in the white light.
4)  Connecting with nature
5)  Sun Baths
6)  Hydrating (3 liters Recommended)
7)  Clean Eating (non processed)
8)  Visualization of light drawing down from top of the head down to the feet and back up again.
9)  Amethyst crystal on your person at all times.
10) Recite the affirmation:  ‘I am Abundant.  I allow for good things to come into my life.  I embrace them.’
The experiment with water:


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About Stacey:
Stacey is a Certified Life Force Energy Healer, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Ordained Minister, and Certified Medium. Stacey has performed International Spiritual Consulting readings, and her spiritual writings have reached over 90 countries. Besides Stacey’s lightworker abilities, her extensive knowledge of Spiritual energy, Chakra’s, Crystals,  and Empaths are the skills that will make your experience with Elysian Life Design a unique one!


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