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Clucky was born in early 2020. She was a favorite of the family from day one. She seemed to cope differently than all of the other chicks. It was realized that she was visually impaired and craved being her own individual – managing her day her own way, which led her to many cool adventures. She is adored and loved by many!

Love for Clucky

Lisa Garside

Lisa is the owner/friend/mom of Clucky. She takes Clucky on field trips once a week. She grew up with chickens as pets and always felt the most connected with animals. When she was little she would come home from school and sing and play her flute to them. She loves watching animals and their true nature. Lisa has practiced yoga for over 20 years and in that grounded spirituality, has gratitude for all living things, including sharing Clucky with the world.

April Kramcynski

April has always had an infinity for animals of any kind and has been a creative soul her whole life,  more so after she had her son Maverick. She started to create beach glass art shortly after becoming a full time mother and hasn’t stopped since. She grew up around her grandparents farm and had a strong bond with every animal from chickens, pigs, cows, cats, and dogs.  She still dreams of having her own farm of animals to love and cherish ❤️.April’s son is following in her footsteps of loving art!

Clucky Products

Meet Lisa Garside - Lisa sitting in white

The Clucky Book

A Story about Love and Accessibility

Real life chicken, Clucky, takes you through her adventures while navigating life being visually impaired. She shows you her challenges, how she deals with them, peak moments, and friends she meets along the way. This book is jam packed with lessons for any child wanting to have their own story outside of societal constraints. It teaches peace, ways to stick up for yourself, how being patient wins, and how having a strong loving family can allow for the best growth.

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Meet Lisa Garside - Lisa sitting in white

Clucky Confidence Cards

A deck of cards for children!

There are 10 unique statements for building confidence, in the categories of body, mind, and emotion, making a deck of 30 cards! Clucky is a real chicken who is full of such love and light. She is vision impaired but makes due day to day with her confidence in her capabilities. This is the size of a playing card deck and comes in a nice study plastic case to keep the cards protected.

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