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Welcome to Ohana Yoga

We offer a community space for people to experience connection and practice movement. The space is ours collectively, and we all share in that ownership and responsibility.

Our yoga studio is a home away from home, we are accepting of every body and anyone who wants to grow mindfully, physically, mentally and spiritually.

We have a diverse set of classes to help you explore your joints, strength structure, and body mechanics. 

Ohana Yoga Studio - Contoocook NH
Ohana's Doors are Open - Please Read Our New Protocols

We are pleased to announce that we have the go ahead to open our doors again for in house classes.     Yoga is about you feeling the safest in your own body and mind.  Ohana wants you to feel that AND the same about your surroundings.   Therefore, for your safety and comfort, we will have BOTH in house AND Zoom classes until at least December, as well as the Ohana On Demand platform as another option. 

If you are missing the studio, and want to proceed with small classes and not a big crowd, we have that option for you now.   We have a lot of information to share below so please take your time reading it, and do let me know if you have any questions!

Class Details and Information

  • We can fit 8 students, in-house, at a time.   Pre-registration will be required for a spot.  After 8 students have signed up, you will be on a waitlist for the in-house class  (Although Zoom is still an option for ALL classes right now) .
  • In order to enter the studio, you will need to have your name on the roster (use the app or website to login), and will need to fill out an illness liability waiver either prior OR when you come in house.   Here is the form, should you want to fill it out ahead of time.     We will not be requiring masks inside the building or during class, but if it makes you comfortable to have one one while entering and getting to your mat, please wear one.
  • The floor will be marked with blue tape to show the areas of where mats can go.
  • We have cleared out many of the areas so there is less ‘stuff’ around and easily accessible for coming and going.
  • Currently, there will only be one class a day at the studio.
  • We will be cleaning all surfaces touched, in between classes.
  • The only in-house classes hosted right now will be with me,  and I will not move off of my mat during class and after.
  • After class, we will not be congregating.   Based on your comfort, you are more than welcome to exit immediately after the class is over.
  • For the time being, we will not be offering yoga mats, props or blankets.  We will also ask that you keep what you bring from home to a minimum.   To keep things on the safe side, and not have you worry about transmission of dust while trying to enjoy your practice, we will do our best to make sure you will be able to do classes with what you have.: a mat and a body.
  • The classes like Restorative and Yin, will continue from Zoom for the time being, so you are able to use your props from home.
  • We will not be offering touch or hands on adjustments at least through December 2020.
  • We will be teaching for you in person AND the members on Zoom, therefore time is split between both.  We do apologize, but it is necessary for the time being to be fair to those who have health issues and are not able to be in house.
  • Registration is now open for an online membership of pre-recorded classes at $299 for the year.   Registration is now open and there are 100 classes that can be played On Demand.   Registration for this membership ends July 1st, to open again January 1st.   This is free to yearly pass holders all year round.  This is a great option for those who are not able to come to the studio, or cannot make the Zoom classes times we have on our schedule.   



For your safety, we have the following items and protocols in place

  • A high end air purifier in the building to help keep the air clean.
  • A LARGE Himilayan salt lamp that is on all the time to clean and purify the air.
  • The biomat that sends off negative ions,  for cleaning the air as well.
  • A diffuser with an essential oil that will help kill germs in the air.
  • We will be cleaning door knobs and the bathroom in between classes
  • We have a LARGE open stairwell that allows for plenty of area for personal space.
  • We have a circular upstairs, so there is opportunity for two ways of an exit point.
  • We have lots of windows for proper air ventilation (air conditioners for the hot summer), and a large overhead fan.
  • We have lots of plants to keep the air even more energized and purified for the attention we place on breath.
  • We have two sinks for washing of hands.



Signing Up is Required to Attend

Here is how the classes will now look. A class at the same time on the schedule  will be labeled In-House Functional Strength AND Zoom – Function strength.    We are able to provide you the same class, but will feel different..   The in house one is in a studio that is clear, clean, and charged with energy and support.  The one at home, is for your convenience, comfort and housed sanitation. 
This may be confusing at first, so please don’t hesitate to ask before you ‘come’ to a class!


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What Our Yoga Family Says

“Ohana Yoga Studio is welcoming to all people. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, there is a class for you! Lisa, the owner, is warm & friendly and has created an atmosphere of peace & calm.”

Heather Moran

What Our Yoga Family Says

“The studio itself is welcoming and calm and Lisa accepts everyone wherever they are in terms of fitness, age or size. She provides a untiring environment for folks to take a breath and take care of their bodies and minds. I highly recommend Ohana yoga!”

Marti Capuco

What Our Yoga Family Says

“The prenatal yoga class saved me during my pregnancy. It kept me active and really gave me an extra level of bonding with not only myself and my child, but with Lisa the Instructor as well.”

Ashley Anderson

Ohana Yoga Studio

What Sets Us Apart

Amazing Space

The studio space is peaceful, sacred, safe & relaxing – cleansed often so negativity does not linger

The rooms have many windows that let natural light in from all different angles

Enjoy perfect year round comfort with air conditioning and heat throughout the seasons

A beautiful, rural setting with lovely trees and grass, situated right on the river


Special Touches

There is an extensive Lending Library on site available for your enjoyment

Many items in the studio are made by local women and support women-owned businesses

Metaphysical items for adults and children are available for use in class or purchase

New and gently used yoga clothes and accessories are available 

How We Move & Flow

Each class creates a positive energetic space to rejuvenate & regenerate the mind, body and soul 

Our teachers and instructors will make you feel comfortable and are non-judgmental

 Special Crystal Bowl Classes are one of our most unique offerings

A wide variety of diverse ongoing classes are offered to fit every body’s needs

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44 Cedar Street,
Contoocook, NH 03229   

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