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Ohana Yoga serves as educational experiences to those wanting to include mindful practices into their lifestyle.

How we move, how we think,  how we breathe and how we speak are innervated into our sense of wellbeing and safety, right down to the cells. The body always reacts with or without your consent.  Sometimes these reactions make sense, and other times our lives can be turned upside down. When life becomes stressful, it asserts an unmanageable response to how day to day activities affect us.  It usually is because we are not prepared for ALL the variabilities of what could happen. Since we can never prepare for everything that could be presented in front of us, the only thing we can do is begin to train the body to react in a more conscious place of awareness.  To teach it to know the extremes of softness and strength, stress and rest. To understand subtle sensations and where the push and pull is in your life.   
We are available to supply opportunities for this training and education, through classes and programs, in two ways:  In the local studio OR online through our various options.   


Ohana Yoga Studio - Contoocook NH

From Lisa

A Message for My Yoga Family

“Be open and receptive to your intuitive thoughts and feelings and take appropriate action. Use these life changes and presenting opportunities to enhance your life.”

I want to keep you updated with everything going on with the studio.I have decided to try to find another location for what we offer. Therefore our home at 44 Cedar Street will come to an end on April 30th. In making this decision I just need some time to find the next perfect location. I envision a beautiful healing center.

As many of you know, I do more than just teach yoga, I try to cultivate a safe space of healing, from the moment you walk in the door, on every level of your being. I have a passion to teach others how to love life in an empowered way. I have a big idea, and want to create that for the community at large.

I have been committed to teaching in town since 2009. That’s 13 years of unwavering commitment, and I feel just as gung-ho, now, as I did then. I give 100% of myself as often as I can. I am passionate and have a lot of love to give.

The plan:
  • After April 30th, Heather Arista and myself will teach through Zoom, while I actively look for a space.
  • Our classes never expire, so if you don’t like Zoom, just wait until we have our space again and you can pick up right where you left off.
  • During our studio ‘off’ time, my classes will have a little twist – for example, we will have a once a week ‘stay’ after class and chat time.
  • I will have some shorter classes I will record that can be used for class passes or put on the online membership.
  • I will be actively looking for a new location and space that makes sense.
  • We can spend the rest of the month talking about and cherishing the memories of classes and workshops we have had there. I will love hearing all the stories.
I would like to know:
  • In a new space, what would you like to see?
  • What kind of practitioners would you like to see? Acupuncture? Cranial Sacral therapy?
  • What do you want to see in a new space that wasn’t there at our current location?
  • What is a must have?
  • Does a first floor or second floor matter?
  • Do we want a kitchenette for cooking classes?
  • A balcony for outdoor classes?
Let’s manifest our perfect space. I have a vision and want to see it through. 
I do want to thank you all for believing in me thus far. I wish more people could do what they love. I hold such high daily gratitude for the opportunity to serve. I spill forth my joy and ambition in a way that could be too much for some, but I can’t help it. 😉


Please reach out should you have any questions! This is a place for the community, and the community shall have a voice on what it can include.

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Zoom Class Schedule

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Finding a New Location for

In Studio

In Studio Classes are

Temporarily on Hold

Ganesh-greeter to all who enter

Safety Policies

Please read our COVID Safety Information 

Ohana Studio Policies

We are pleased to announce that we have the go ahead to open our doors again for in house classes.  Yoga is about you feeling the safest in your own body and mind.  Ohana wants you to feel that AND the same about your surroundings.   Therefore, for your safety and comfort, we will have BOTH in house AND Zoom classes, as well as the Ohana On Demand platform as another option. We can only hold up to 13 people per class, and even then it never fills to that capacity unless it is a special event.

The 1000 square foot space is marked out with places for your mat.  We usually have one to two classes a day.  One every single morning, and one most nights.  There are HOURS between classes where there is no one in the space, and since the studio is cleaned after each class, there is plenty of time for any germs to be killed before another class resumes.  Our studio is unlike most other public spaces, where a large volume of people from far and wide are coming through all day every single day.  We have a limited amount of people (mostly the same familiar faces) coming through once a day.
If you are missing the studio, and want to proceed with small classes and not a big crowd, we have that option for you now, or you can also schedule a private or semi private lesson. We have a lot of information to share below so please take your time reading it, and do let me know if you have any questions!


Class Details and Information

  • We can fit 8 students, in-house, at a time - however this has only happened once since March of 2020.   Pre-registration will be required for a spot.  After 8 students have signed up, you will be on a waitlist for the in-house class  (Although Zoom is still an option for ALL classes right now) .
  • In order to enter the studio, you will need to have your name on the roster (use the app or website to login), and will need to fill out an illness liability waiver either prior OR when you come in house.   Here is the form, should you want to fill it out ahead of time.     We will not be requiring masks inside the building or during class, but if it makes you comfortable to have one one while entering and getting to your mat, please wear one.
  • The floor will be marked with blue tape to show the areas of where mats can go.
  • We will be cleaning all surfaces touched, in between classes.
  • After class, we will not be congregating.   Based on your comfort, you are more than welcome to exit immediately after the class is over.
  • We offer classes with extremely limited props that will be cleaned afterward.
  • The classes like Restorative and Yin, will continue from Zoom for the time being, so you are able to use your props from home.
  • We will not be offering hands on adjustments for the foreseeable future.
  • We will be teaching for you in person AND the members on Zoom, therefore time is split between both.  We do apologize, but it is necessary for the time being to be fair to those who have health issues and are not able to be in house.



For your safety, we have the following items and protocols in place

  • A high end air purifier in the building to help keep the air clean.
  • A LARGE Himilayan salt lamp that is on all the time to clean and purify the air.
  • The biomat that sends off negative ions,  for cleaning the air as well.
  • A diffuser with an essential oil that will help kill germs in the air.
  • We will be cleaning door knobs and the bathroom in between classes
  • We have a LARGE open stairwell that allows for plenty of area for personal space.
  • We have a circular upstairs, so there is opportunity for two ways of an exit point.
  • We have lots of windows for proper air ventilation (air conditioners for the hot summer), and a large overhead fan.
  • We have lots of plants to keep the air even more energized and purified for the attention we place on breath.
  • We have two sinks for washing of hands.



Winter Policies:

Please be careful in our parking lots. The parking lots are owned by the town and are plowed as such, although they can get icy as they flood in different places.   Please be careful getting out of your car, up the walkways, and into the building.   We try to sand the ramp and steps as much as we can.  Please tread carefully.  There are railings on the wooden ramp. 
Please do not feel the need to shovel.  We will take care of it for you.   
Class cancellations: 
We try not to cancel classes due to weather.   If anything the instructor will head in and can always teach through Zoom.  If we needed to cancel, we will call regulars that usually come, or anyone on the roster of the class.   If the class is definitely canceled, it will be shown on the app or website as canceled.  You also have the option of calling/texting me directly to ask at 603-748-1539.  


Signing Up is Required to Attend

Here is how the classes will now look. A class at the same time on the schedule  will be labeled In-House Functional Strength AND Zoom - Function strength.    We are able to provide you the same class, but will feel different..   The in house one is in a studio that is clear, clean, and charged with energy and support.  The one at home, is for your convenience, comfort and housed sanitation.
This may be confusing at first, so please don't hesitate to ask before you 'come' to a class!


Download the Waiver 

We spent a lot of time creating ways for you to feel ready to tackle life, through our classes, in nicely packaged ways.

  • If you found that doing classes from home was your new way of life, we’ve got you.  
  • If you found that you feel safe not needing to travel, we’ve got you. 
  • If you wanted to learn more about yoga and movement, we’ve got you. 
  • If you got used to not having to drive as much, we’ve got you. 
  • If you want to do classes daily and develop a wonderful routine, we’ve got you. 

New Ohana Life Product

Ohana Motivational Cards

Ohana Life Oracle Deck Instructions

I pride myself on my daily practices to help stay focused, driven, organized and strong. This is one piece of it: my mental strategy for the day. This is an important step for me each morning to keep my positivity during the day.
As I show up each day for my family and friends, below are some of the activities that are my staple to get through life.

  • Reading inspirational texts
  • Continuously educating
  • Surrounding myself with amazing people
  • Daily Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Daily Exercise
  • Positive thoughts
  • Create my destiny through vision
  • Using a good planner
  • Using my time creatively and wisely

The list goes on and on….

This is the first of a product line coming out as a compliment to help YOU stay motivated and aligned with your highest self. A way for you to seek deeper intuitive knowledge.

We have many products in store for you to adequately manifest and craft an affirming positive life.

You can pick one card a day or more! Keep them by your altar, or in the main room in your house!  As a parent kids could pick one a day and display it in the kitchen. I used to do this with the kids!  Gifts to house guests, holidays, or birthdays. As a therapist, have clients pick a card each visit.


Online Membership

Hundreds of hours of classes to choose from


Ohana OM Demand

  • The Ohana On Demand platform is robust, easy to navigate and use.
  • New classes will be added each month.
  • There will be a live online Q&A monthly to answer any questions you may have.
  • We will have guest teachers to talk on topics related to yoga, movement and spirituality.

Sign up today! 


Members Access Classes here!


Ohana Life Podcast

New espisodes added each week, listen now!

Connecting Internally

Recent Testimonial

“It’s hard to put into words all the love and gratitude I have for you.  You have brought so much joy and fulfillment into my life.  I learn new things from you every day including increased body awareness, novel ways to move my body, wellness practices, kindness and altruism.  Your consistency in everything you do is inspiring.  You and daily yoga have given me hope and optimism for the future.  Rather than focusing on the external world, I am learning that I have inner strength and can use it positively to influence my own life.  And it’s working!  You are the reason I am experiencing deep feelings of peace and calmness.  Thank you Lisa. “

Ohana Yoga Studio - Teacher Training

From Our Yoga Family

KInd Words

“The studio itself is welcoming and calm and Lisa accepts everyone wherever they are in terms of fitness, age or size. She provides a untiring environment for folks to take a breath and take care of their bodies and minds. I highly recommend Ohana yoga!”


“Ohana Yoga Studio is welcoming to all people. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, there is a class for you! Lisa, the owner, is warm & friendly and has created an atmosphere of peace & calm.”


Ohana Yoga Studio

What Sets Us Apart

How We Move & Flow

Each class creates a positive energetic space to rejuvenate & regenerate the mind, body and soul

Our teachers and instructors will make you feel comfortable and are non-judgmental

A wide variety of diverse ongoing classes are offered to fit every body’s needs

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