On The Other Side Of Fear Is Freedom

Somewhere deep inside, we know that on the other side of fear is freedom. When fear and emotion rise up, they often trap us in habitual reactiveness, tension, and confusion, which are some of the ways our physical bodies are wired to engage with fear. Even if we don’t feel we have an outwardly ‘reactive’ personality, suppressing, avoiding or denying emotions is equally as reactive and harmful, just expressed differently.  This reactiveness served us well and developed for a reason throughout our life, and certainly served our ancestors.

An important function of fear and emotion is to point toward our ignorance and offer an opportunity for waking up. Even though emotions that we are working through can be unsettling or scary or downright painful, they illuminate where emotional freedom needs to happen. Fear and emotions are not problems. Our reactiveness to these fears and emotions is what trip us up. When we consciously relate with and respond to our fears, understanding the textures, temperatures, and qualities of the obstructed emotions they birth, we can identify our ignorance and wake up to our life. We cultivate deep presence. We wake up to ourselves as we truly are ~ whole, complete, and an expression of Consciousness.

The Elemental Mandala of Emotions is a holistic practice that helps us to identify our fears, their attending obstructed emotions and patterns, relate with them in a safe and sacred environment, and work to liberate them. The practical applications are that we become more at ease in our own skin, relate in a healthier way with ourselves and others, and become responsive rather than reactive in our day-to-day lives. The Mandala is also foundational work in creating a stable and safe foundation to enter into deeper yoga practices. Self-awareness, inquiry and honesty about our obstructions, habitual emotional patterns and their impact are critical to safe spiritual practice and evolution. Integrating the freed energies as we release is critically important to evolving. If we do not, then the freed energies simply move back into the habituated patterns, reinforcing them.

Through the Elemental Mandala of Emotions we work with the five elements that create all existence and that correspond with our deepest fears, strongest emotions and liberated qualities.  By relating with and through the elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space, we invoke these energies within and without and allow them to loosen and transmute our deepest obstructions (our delusions, bad habits, solidified emotions, judgments, physical ailments). In this modality we do not view obstructed emotions as ‘negative,’ because without them, we would not have these opportunities to wake up – to liberate. Our goal is to dance with the obstructions until they reveal their karmic lessons, shift and dissipate.

The phrase Elemental Alchemy Yoga is merely a way to describe this particular practice of yoga. It is rooted in the Elemental Dakini Mandala of emotions as transmitted to Tara by Maa Parvathi Nath. It is not trademarked, registered, or in any way “owned”. With her teacher, Parvathi’s blessing, Tara has adapted the teachings, through her own experience and revelations, into the approach described here. The heartbeat of the teachings are honored and passed along with deepest gratitude and devotion.

The teachings of the Dakini Elemental Mandala of Emotions were passed down orally to Tara by her teacher, Tantric adept, Parvathi Nath. Maa Parvathi Nath has spent decades in sadhana (meditation and spiritual practice) learning and teaching the ancient philosophical and yoga systems of India. She is a direct and close disciple of Shree Amritnandanath (Sashsarakhsi Peetham), a Shree Vidya Master. She has also been tutored by some of the reclusive and revered masters of Shree Vidya and the Vedantic tradition. She was born in India to a yogic and scientific family and has dedicated her lifetime to practice and preservation of Shree Vidya, Tantra and Vedantic teachings.

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