We are happy to provide several items for sale in the studio to enhance your experience and better your day! From wholesome snacks to stones to gently used Yoga gear, you’ll be surprised at what you can find!


We now offer gently used clothing again!

We have stocked three new lines of Yoga gear at the studio. It is important to us to carry ethically sourced, local clothing that is made sturdy and well. There are discounts the more you buy.


We offer a small selection of wholesome goodies. They will be stored in a refrigerator at the studio, for you to purchase before or after classes. This is all on the honest system, so please don’t wait for us. Take what you need and leave the money in the envelope.

The following will be provided on Mondays and grow to more times throughout the week:

Fresh Salads – From Amy Rothe of Sage & Twine.  Different salads each week.

Energy Bars –  From Amy Rothe and will be great for on the go!

Baked Goods – From Liv’s Life Baked Goods.  Their products are more than “sweet treats”. They are products that allow people to indulge in a goodie without having to sacrifice their individual health journeys. They include ingredients that are wholesome and beneficial. The Chocolate Chip Turmeric Cookies hold the allure of a chocolate chip cookie, but include secret anti-inflammatory ingredients. Turmeric is a powerhouse in regards to inflammation (and who doesn’t like fighting off inflammation?!) They don’t use any refined sugars, instead, maple syrup and dates for sweeteners. And of course they use organic ingredients. They are vegan, gluten free and soy free.    As of now they offer Chocolate Chip Turmeric Cookies, Carrot Cake Bites and Peanut Butter Puff Cookies.

Hummus – from Lisa Garside. Fresh made hummus with organic ingredients.