Vegan Holiday Cooking

During this celebratory time of year, we often indulge in rich foods that are delicious but unhealthful.   It is a time to share our most delicious recipes with friends and loved ones.  Why not make it plant-based this year?  Christine Fletcher, a vegan chef with years of experience will demonstrate a few of her holiday favorite dishes that have been approved by the most diehard meat eaters!  Make your offering at this years holiday party a colorful, healthful, plant-based dish.  Recipes and food tasting included.
Please RSVP online or call, as space is limited.


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  1. Kathleen Brennan
    60 mins ago

    Hello! I was just sent your website from a friend. Just wondering if there are still any openings for your Dec. 16th Vegan Holiday cooking class? Is this a pre-pay or pay on arrival? Many thanks!


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