Tapping & Emotional Release!

Learn how to release buried emotions in various ways so that you experience the benefit of many angles.  We will explore with open ended questions, body wisdom, and using the Chinese points.

Tara Chambers, master of metaphysical work, will show you how you can transform what is not serving you on a cellular level to that which supports you living at your fullest expression. We are ALL created for greatness and we already have SO much potential inside us, but because we bought into many “lies” as a kid or from past lives, such as “something is wrong with me, I am not good enough” and more that is held on a cellular level – that resonance is what is vibrating out to the Universe and therefore, creating our reality.

The more we clear the lies/distortions of liming beliefs, patterns and programs (from society, past lives, tribal rules), and release buried emotions that got stuck in our body, the more we are connected and in alignment with Divine Truth.  THAT supports us literally shifting to a paradigm of grace and ease or a paradigm of everything is possible.

When our soul knows there are other possibilities other than what our body is holding on to as truth, this creates internal stress and these invisible limitations do not show up on a medical tests so they most often go ignored.  The GREAT and empowering news is that it CAN be simple to transform a lot of this “invisible stress” and THAT can allow your body to reconnect with your para-sympathic nervous system where your body can once again receive restoration and rejuvenation while attracting limitless possibilities for you.

Tara became passionate about this work after she experienced a paradigm shift of “grace and ease” back in 2009.  She had subbed on Broadway as a cellist for 18 years and as soon as a healer transformed her subconscious limiting beliefs that “it wasn’t OK for women to surpass men,” she won her next audition and suddenly was the original cellist of two Broadway shows within 2 years.  This experience created a fire in her soul that inspired her to learn all she could about cellular resonance and she left Broadway in 2014 as much as she loved it to do this paradigm shifting work full time.  Tara’s work has “no rules” as she simply follows her heart and tracks the group that is present.  She invites others to know that all she does can be easily learned so that you are in your power to start writing your own show called life.

She uses essential oils, tapping (EFT) and working with our whole body wisdom and more to support us going Quantum.  With each limitation that we clear for ourselves, we also support that shift in the collective consciousness so in essence we are raising not only our own frequency but that of the planet.  It is a true win win for all.  Come experience what is possible.  Ask yourself, “What would it feel like if I was resonant with my true limitless potential?  How would that show up in my life?”