Tapping & Emotional Release!

Tara Chambers, master of metaphysical work, will blend different modalities of healing she has learned and practiced over many years. She spends time consciously and intelligently working at changing the cellular structure of emotions. Going from lower vibrational energy releases to higher vibrational frequencies.

She uses oils to enhance the beneftis of tapping (EFT) which increases the vibrational frequency of the person. It uplifts you and allows the body to reprogram its cellular structure through emotional release of the lower level emotions (depression, anxiety, fear), to higher vibrations of self love, compassion, happiness and abundance.

Speaking Your Truth
We live in a culture where speaking your truth is not always the “honorable” thing to do which costs us greatly when those rules are followed. This circle is all about transforming “the rules” so that you are resonant with speaking your truth, and living in alignment with your soul. We will also transform any fear (conscious or not) of speaking your truth so that you feel safe, free and empowered to live authentically, stand you ground and say “no” when you need to put yourselves first and more. Sometimes this shift is all that you need for physical “wake up calls” to vanish as it makes your body and soul SUPER happy to live in authenticity!

Our cellular resonance is running the show in the background, and it is time for us to reclaim our power and write our OWN scripts. You will leave knowing how to shift your own patterns in a very empowering way so that you can access the truly divine being that you already are with ease!