Meditation Workshop with Tara

Wake Up To Life: Cultivating Presence Through Meditation

Anyone can meditate. Even you. Even someone with the most restless mind. Meditation is not about suppressing or erasing thoughts. It’s about being present to ‘what is.’

This beginner to intermediate workshop will provide you with an in-depth understanding of meditation and how it can change your life, as well as offer foundational meditation practices. You will be given tips and techniques to weave meditation into your daily life.  The workshop will consist of teachings, sadhana (practice), questions & answers, and more.

The practical benefits of meditation are many, however, the ultimate aim of meditation is to develop deep presence so that you can wake up to your life in every moment, allowing you to remember who and what you truly are. Meditation supports personal evolution and although spiritual, it is not religious and you do not have to follow any religion in order to meditate.

Practical benefits of meditation include:

  • emotional and mental stability, leading to clarity in decision making;
  • peace of mine, which influences your communication and relationships;
  • freeing up of creative energy;
  • rekindled sense of self-worth;
  • streamlining the body’s metabolic process;
  • reduces high blood pressure;
  • improves symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADD, and ADHD;
  • creates a shift to the frontal lobe of the brain creating more calm and happiness;
  • aligning with our highest purpose.

We will explore various types and techniques of meditation. Practicing in a group supports your practice, and the meditations will be recorded and sent to you.


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