Inflammation 101

What  everyone needs  to know about inflammation
  w/Carolyn Rordam – Holistic health Coach
Join us for an informative talk about inflammation, its role in our daily health and how to change it.
What the talk will cover:
What is inflammation
What  arthritis, belly bloat, leaky gut and brain fog have in common.
Learn  about what foods to avoid and what to embrace
Lifestyle Strategies to Combat it
Everyone who registers for this workshop will be eligible for a free one on one health consultation with Carolyn Rordam. Get started on a different path towards health and wellness that is practical and achievable because you design it for yourself.
Carolyn Rordam – Holistic Health Coach is a Recent graduate of the Institute for Integrative nutrition and an MFA from Lesley University.
Carolyn’s journey of health and nutrition comes form years on competitive cycling and running and a total passion for really good food. She throughly believes in nurturing the body and the soul through nutritious food shared with family and friends. As an  artist she knows healthy living is an art that is honed through practice and knowledge of what feeds you in every avenue of your life.


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