Sessions with Stacey Elysian

Life Force Energy Healing

Life Force Energy healing works with the energy (Chi) in your own body and Universal energy. A healing session allows you to heal past or current illness, pain, and trauma that may be wreaking havoc in your life physically and emotionally. This session will also help you remain present and ultimately be the best version of you! Through Life Force Energy Healing, you can discover the fastest way to locate and move to the right frequency and immediately become more forgiving, positive, confident, or empowered. It’s only by acknowledging and accepting your feelings that you can loosen the grip the past has on your mind, body and spirit, and get un-stuck for good. Every Life Force Energy Healing session with us is unique to the client. Each healing session will also clear, charge and balance your chakras. During or after your session, you will be given insight pertaining to areas that were worked on and images or messages that came through for you, as well as any spirit animals that may want to work with you and any past life issues that were healed.

Stacey is the owner and Energy Practitioner at Elysian Life Design and will be visiting Ohana Yoga. She is an International Spiritual Consultant who is a Certified Medium and Certified Life Force Energy Healer. She is also the author of Spiritual Grounding & More: A Manual & Reference Guide, and her spiritual writings have reached over 90 countries.

Because of her unique abilities, her sessions are one of a kind and customized to the client! Sessions may include sound healing, crystals and use of other spiritual tools.

Spend some time during this busy holiday season having a tarot reading or energy work done with Stacey.
Life Energy Healing Sessions – $100 for an hour.
Please call to reserve your time block.  (603) 748-1539
In general, she is great for many services that can be done in person and from afar.  Especially as amazing gifts to help one navigate through life.   Check out her website Here.