Equinox Celebration

Join Stacey of Elysian Life Design at Ohana Yoga for a magical evening of connecting to your Spirit Animal! The Autumn Equinox brings balance back between the light and the dark. The Spring Equinox brings in balance of the light and the Autumn Equinox brings in balance of the dark. Both the light and the dark co-exists because of each other. The balance of the darkening of the sky gives us time to reflect on all that we are thankful for, to process all of the energy and knowledge we learned during the previous seasons of abundance, and how we can continue to integrate that throughout the changing of the season.

Autumn is a time of Harvest! Above all this season, express your gratitude for the lessons and the blessings of the past seasons and all that you have learned and gifts you have been given by the Universe. The Universe is really asking you to take the energy of the Autumn Equinox and begin to live a soulful life and step into your purpose. You are in a true season of Harvest and it is time that you learn to appreciate the dark just as much as the light. Without one or the other, how would we know the difference or learn to appreciate what we have. Find out about how we are all more closely connected than we may think. Will you join us to welcome that balance into your life?

There will be a gratitude circle, drumming, blessings and high vibrations to help you integrate the season. Feel free to bring something to charge in the circle during the event. We hope you join us for this one of a kind evening!


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