Wednesday Meditations with Tara

1st, 2nd, and 4th Wednesday of each month 7:30 – 8:45 – Meditations begin right after the conclusion of the 6PM class 1st Wednesday – Beginner’s Mind Meditation – For those new to meditation and those who know that a Beginner’s Mind is a wise mind. 2nd Wednesday – Deepening Meditation – Teachings & Practice.  Drawing from scripture and

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On The Other Side Of Fear Is Freedom

Somewhere deep inside, we know that on the other side of fear is freedom. When fear and emotion rise up, they often trap us in habitual reactiveness, tension, and confusion, which are some of the ways our physical bodies are wired to engage with fear. Even if we don’t feel we have an outwardly ‘reactive’ personality, suppressing, avoiding or denying

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Currently we are in a time of a lot of uncertainty.  Emotions are high, a need for healthy lifestyles are wanted, and the desire for overall well being is in the forefront of everyone’s mind. For many years now, I have been enamored with everything crystals, smudging, oils and the tapping of emotional connections of physical ailments.     I

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