Currently we are in a time of a lot of uncertainty.  Emotions are high, a need for healthy lifestyles are wanted, and the desire for overall well being is in the forefront of everyone’s mind.
For many years now, I have been enamored with everything crystals, smudging, oils and the tapping of emotional connections of physical ailments.     I have seen many bodies, emotions, illnesses and struggles of students over the past 15 years.  By first working within my own family, and a lot with myself, I found that it takes a multitude of healing modalities to have complete overall wellness and make the most out of being human.  I have understood this deeply and intuitively, knowing I have to sometimes step outside my own comfort of what would seem to be socially beneficial versus what feels right in my heart.
I have realized there is no complete care package for one person. Each unique individual body, requires a different formula depending on their circumstance, history, and current state.  That it is necessary to find the innate knowledge to compile many techniques and apply them in a  daily health pattern, that works for YOU.   Your history and how you have perceived the past have molded you into today.  How you deal with today will carve out your future.
During any given yoga class, we are giving you tools to work with your physical body in relation to your current emotional and mental state.  We hope to challenge your body just enough to put healthy stress upon your systems and mental resolve.   From this place on the mat, you can learn a lot about how you deal with stressful situations outside of class.   These states, if under too much stress, can cause more dangerous physical ailments.  Sometimes it is not clear there is an actual connection between emotions and the body, yet there is.
We want you to know that there are other modalities to a complete package of well being.  Your healing can be aided with earth’s natural materials,  smudging techniques, oils, the moon cycles, planetary influences, and meditation. All tools that help complete the cycle of care, that eventually becomes innate, and paying attention to what your body and mind are telling you.
Over the coming year, you will see more and more metaphysical supplies at Ohana, that are meant for your empowerment.  Tools, so you may take control of all areas of your life,  for improvement in day to day living and thought patterns.  It will be in the way of a retail shop, but will be much more than that.  It will be a place where you can sit down and really take the time to sift through these tools, soaking in your own unique needs.  Knowing that each piece was individually chosen specifically for this purpose.  We want you to take your time to see what calls to you.
While being very passionate about everyone having a voice in their health journey and wanting to help others with my own personal knowledge: the items offered will be amplified, with the qualities of their existing nature, attuned at a higher vibration.
I would like to have a day where we meet, as an informative on what crystals are and find out some of the qualities of earths stones, as well as possibly see what you are drawn to.  When you are drawn to a stone based on its color, look or feel, then the magic begins to happen.   Stones can carried in pockets or a pouch, worn as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or placed on an altar at home.
Therefore, do join me on March 26th at 11:30am, to leaf through the pages of our crystal, altar and smudging books.  We will try to answer any questions you may have and be available to take the time to be with you.
Blessings to you all always,
The Ohana Family