Welcome to Ohana Yoga

Welcome to Ohana Yoga

Ohana Yoga was created as a sacred space for the community.  We are a healing center that offers Yoga and many tools for healing.

Ohana in Hawaiian means ‘Family’ or ‘Clan’.
At Ohana Yoga we want you to always feel as if you are part of the family.  We all have special gifts and talents to provide to the world.  Those strengths and energies will all be respected and cherished as if we were relatives.  This is very special to us because we want to be able to bring an authenticated Yoga Studio to the community.  It will be a collective of different yoga teachers in the area that have similar goals and ideals.
Our mission is to allow everyone at every age and ability to have Yoga accessible to them.  We will offer you everything yoga!

What sets us apart:

  • The Studio Space is Peaceful, Sacred, Safe and Relaxing.
  • Each class will create a positive energetic space to Rejuvenate & Regenerate the Mind,Body and Soul.
  • Teachers make you feel comfortable and are non-judgmental.
  • There are many windows, so natural light comes in from many different angles
  • It has a nice Rural Feeling with Trees and Grass, and on the river.
  • It is Saged Often so Negativity Does not Linger.
  • Crystal Healing Bowls are played during Relaxation
  • Unique Ongoing classes are provided to fit Every Body’s needs
  • There is an extensive Lending Library on site
  • Wonderful items and healthy snacks available for purchase!
    • Many items are made by local women and support women-owned businesses
    • Metaphysical Items for Adults and Children are available
    • New and gently used yoga clothes and accessories
    • Fresh Salads & Energy Bars from Amy Rothe of Sage & Twine
    • Gluten-Free & Vegan Baked Goods from Liv’s Life Baked Goods

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